Legal and Regulatory Compliance Services

FULL RETAINER – This option is designed to assist the credit union with all day-to-day regulatory compliance issues. From contract reviews, negotiations and due diligence assessments; assistance regarding laws and regulations and/or implementation; questions on transactions and items, etc., this program is designed in a manner akin to an insurance plan where participation by many substantially lowers the costs, allowing access to a range of assistance.

DUE DILIGENCE CONTRACTS RETAINER – For a credit union that does not wish to fully participate, we offer a contracts option that provides the full range of due diligence assessment and contract assistance as required under current laws and good practices. This retainer allows the credit union to obtain a stated number of reviews based on asset size, while spreading the costs over the terms of our standard agreements. This provides a range of assistance by a firm with numerous years of credit union and vendor experience at a much reduced cost.

CUPP ONLY OPTION – We also offer access to our extensive Credit Union Policies and Procedures CUPP Resources and weekly revisions. These valuable policies, procedures, forms, and guidance become a go-to source for our clients and their in-house compliance or risk managers. A credit union with access to our CUPP manual will find that it is an indispensable resource, priced far below the value that it brings to the credit union.

THOROUGH COMPLIANCE AUDITS – No simple checklists and reviews are allowed. We provide comprehensive reviews by lawyers nationally recognized in the field of regulatory compliance. We are thorough. Our BSA reviews have uncovered hefty potential fines which were overlooked by other service providers.

TRANSACTIONAL MATTERS – We also accept individual matters on a flat fee or hourly basis and individually license items from our CUPP Resources on request.

What is Different -- Our Approach to Compliance: We know credit unions!
Although compliance is extraordinarily complex, we seek to make it as simple to understand, implement and maintain as possible. Thus, we provide our clients with everything they need. From beginning risk assessment models and checklists, to sample policies and documentation, our program is designed to provide a turnkey compliance program tailored for credit unions.

THE CUPP PROGRAM: The firm offers a number of complete compliance solutions. In 1991 a credit union called upon Todd Sherpy to develop an outsourced compliance alternative in order to save the significant amounts required to obtain the needed compliance resources. Since then the resources needed have multiplied extraordinarily. However, from this 1991 call evolved a comprehensive resource now available to credit unions. Todd’s system – called CUPP (Credit Union Policies and Procedures) - provides extraordinary value. Under CUPP, a credit union receives:

  • All needed polices, procedures and forms to meets its compliance obligations. Forms address compliance and legal matters, generally providing coverage far beyond those otherwise available to credit unions;
  • Guides on laws, rules and regulations, including checklists to assist in implementing compliance;
  • Audit resources;
  • Due diligence resources;
  • Weekly updates that address compliance and legal developments to insure our clients are on the cutting edge;
  • Training resources;
  • Checklists for compliance and other matters;
  • Many other resources including, but not limited to, loan forms, disclosures, and advertising guides




Make it Affordable:
Many credit unions participating together help us spread the costs. Our programs are asset-priced in order to allow the smallest credit union to benefit as much as the largest. To receive pricing options:

Click Here and Submit a Request for Proposal, which will in most cases be sent within one business day!

Staying Compliant:
Understanding the complexity and limited resources credit unions have, we seek to keep our clients informed and compliant at all times. Thus, we provide weekly notices regarding legal and compliance developments. However, notice is never enough. Therefore, these notices include guidelines on how to address the matter and the policies and documents needed to be adopted or revised. We do not just tell a client about an issue, but we seek to address the matter from beginning to end.





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WebEx Sessions for May & June 2019 - Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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All Sessions 2 PM EST. 

May 17 // 2 PM EST

A Review and Update of UDAAP – where it is; how it is being used; and what you should be doing to dot I’s and cross T’s under this nebulous rule as to specific matters and generally to support overall risk management and compliance health. Presenter: Todd Sherpy. Time: 1 Hour.  Event Number: 669 991 899. Password – If Required: andrea

May 21 // 2 PM EST

Top Issues Per My Work with Credit Unions – In this session I will pull my most common or highest risk “items” from one on one work and share these gems so you may be better prepared to deal with issues your sister Credit Unions have already encountered.  Presenter: Todd Sherpy. Time: 1 Hour.  Event Number: 662 606 135. Password – If Required: barry

May 23 // 2 PM EST

POAs versus The “Statutory Agent” About 20 states have added the “Statutory Agent” as an option on accounts. We will discuss the basics to help you understand what this is; differences between it and a POA; legal obligations/exposures; and documentation. Presenter: Todd Sherpy. Time: 45 minutes.  Event Number: 660 420 508. Password – If Required: Chantal

June 6 // 2 PM

Auditing Your Website – Let’s update our general discussion of compliance issues for Credit Union Websites; discuss common mistakes; review the issues and concerns “behind the firewall;” together with sundry UDAAP and Trademark considerations. We will also discuss how many Credit Unions are “de-risking” there sites and the benefits of such actions. Presenter: Todd Sherpy. Time: 45 minutes.  Event Number: 667 389 615. Password – If Required: dorian

June 26 // 2 PM

Mid-Year Regulatory Update – What’s Passed? What’s Pending? What is the action plan? What resources do you need to be allocating to address new or revised statutory or regulatory changes (and/or how can you avail yourself of any benefits?) We will assess Federal Credit Union, CFPB, FRB and other items, the timeline for action and provide tips to ensue you have applicable issues covered. Presenter: Todd Sherpy. Time: 45 minutes.  Event Number: 663 760 298. Password – If Required: erin