Client Forms

Listed below are common Client Intake / Case forms; feel free to download them and utilize them as necessary.


If you are not using an email encryption system, it may be a security risk to relay the information contained in the Bankruptcy Intake Form via electronic mail to Sherpy & Jones, P.A.  You assume all risk and liability related to the method of relaying the information contained in the Bankruptcy Intake Form to Sherpy & Jones, P.A., whether those risks are known or unknown.

Downloadable Forms

 TitleModified DateSize 
Bankruptcy Intake Form6/1/201190.50 KBDownload
Deficiency Information Form6/1/201128.50 KBDownload
Foreclosure Information Form6/1/201131.50 KBDownload
General Collections Form6/1/201136.50 KBDownload
WebEx Sessions for January 2019 - Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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ODP – Everything: This I categorize as a high risk item everyone must have fully addressed from a legal, compliance and risk management and mitigation point of view. A single miss here can cost you dearly. Thus, we will cover the ODP Rules from the beginning, the history of regulatory actions and litigation, the lessons I have learned from ODP Compliance assessments to ensure you have a full understanding of the issues. Then we will address the specific disclosure obligations, compliance expectations and risk mitigation tools you should consider. Date: January 9 // Time: 2-3:15 PM // Presenter: Todd Sherpy //  Session Number: 662 599 928 // Password if Requested: florence

Compliance Planning 2019: What are the issues you need to ensure the Credit Union has addressed going into 2019? What are the regulators looking at? What lessons can be gleaned from examinations in the last 6 months of 2018? What have the regulators told us they consider the top compliance issues to be in 2019? What is coming this year? What other concerns do we foresee – such as litigation? We will answer all of these questions and more; and provide practical insights that will allow you to manage compliance risk as we work through this new year.  Date: January 24 // Time: 2-3:15 PM // Presenter: Todd Sherpy // Session Number: 665 547 674 // Password if Requested: bolgheri