Bankruptcy Services

Representation of Creditors:

The lawyers of Sherpy & Jones believe in providing responsive service to its clients that enables them to navigate the bankruptcy system to their highest benefit. Our clients are able to successfully avoid unnecessary losses by receiving practical advice and guidance based on decades of combined experience. We are available to attend and question debtors at §341 meetings of creditors, draft and present reaffirmation agreements, and object to flawed Chapter 13 plans.

Our lawyers work to ensure that creditors receive adequate protection, that debtors obtain insurance covering collateral, and that Proofs of Claims are properly filed to allow for the full benefit of cross-collateralization, if appropriate. We frequently obtain relief from the automatic stay so that collateral may be reached and sold. While we concentrate on cases falling under Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code, our attorneys also handle complex cases falling under Chapter 11 as well as Adversary Proceedings.

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