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First and foremost, we serve our clients and their needs. Our clients deserve to be provided with options that benefit them and the members they serve.

Thus, we always endeavor to assist clients with an array of options from a legal or regulatory perspective, while striving at all times to provide low-cost options via participation programs such as our retainer and CUPP services.

We also negotiate with our clients' vendors in order to obtain services at discounted pricing, benefiting our clients only.

Fair Lending -- New Rules and Stricter Regulatory Assessments - Wednesday, August 07, 2013

On top of all other “things” compliance, “fair lending” remains one of the top regulatory concerns. There are several reasons for this: (1) CFPB and NCUA are taking a serious look at compliance; (2) this is an extreme area of possible liability (a law that makes people emotional if there is a violation is always dangerous); and (3) there are new rules and “tweaks” that must be addressed. Click on "read more" for action plan items to consider.

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