Who We Are: We are a multi-faceted Credit Union firm serving and consulting with Credit Unions across the US for the last 30-years. Our success comes in part from knowing Credit Unions better than other providers. Through our programs we share the risk; and do not sit on the sidelines and merely cheer you on.


Compliance Counsel: We developed an outsourced compliance adviser/counsel option to provide counsel to Credit Unions on a day-to-day basis where the services are not based on an hourly fee; and access is unlimited. Since we work on a community concept of participating Credit Unions the risk is spread; and there is never the disincentive of hourly fees for calling/posing/submitting any covered matter. In most cases we are simply the alternative to in-house counsel.

CUPP: We developed “Credit Union Policies and Procedures” (the “CUPP system” Email us for the 26-page table of Contents to Assess the scope of these resources) to provide a pooled system for compliance resources where Credit Unions share the costs of participation. Through these resources we keep Credit Unions up to date on all federal laws, Regs and other government requirements.

Bankruptcy; Collections and Foreclosure: Bankruptcy, Collections and Foreclosure.  The litigation practice group of the firm is experienced in handling all aspects of the bankruptcy, collections and foreclosure processes.  In bankruptcy cases, we are available to object to plans, file proofs of claims, obtain reaffirmation agreements, dispute lien avoidance motions, attend meeting of creditors, and handle adversary proceedings.  Collections representation primarily involves claim and delivery (or replevin) matters, judgments on deficiency balances, overdrawn accounts and unpaid notes, and includes repayment settlements and Confessions of Judgments.  The foreclosure practice includes deeds in lieu, short sale negotiations, and Writs of Ejectment post-sale. 

Our staff has been on the staff of CMG, CUNA, ACUIA and other trade groups (including over 40 Leagues) over these 28-years; and have evolved a web-based series of training that covers Credit Unions’ required legal/compliance training as well as many hands-on practical areas based on our day-to-day interactions. See other content on this site for details.

Audit: We provide a range of compliance / legal audit options to help Credit Unions assess where they have weakness; and then direct the Credit Union on corrective action to put our Credit Unions into the best defensive position. Unlike competitors, our assessments are conducted by and under the direct supervision of lawyers; meet and exceed regulatory guidelines; and do so at a cost that is far less than what others charge.



WebEx Sessions - Friday, September 18, 2015

 October Webinars

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October 1 -- Marketing A to Z  And Assessing Marketing per CFPB’s UDAAP Standards: From Pamphlets to Websites and Everything in Between. This session will be a comprehensive session addressing concerns from servicemarks to disclaimers and words to avoid per the overall compliance concerns a Credit Union practicing Enterprise Risk Management will considerPresenter: Todd Sherpy Password: gift


October 8 -- Social Media: Laws, Regulations and Common Sense: Social media is subject to the same federal consumer protection laws and regulations as other marketing channels.  Credit Unions often overlook the compliance requirements applicable to social media.  Credit Unions also overlook the need for specific procedural controls, documentation issues and ancillary exposures and perhaps benefits of a properly constructed social media compliance approach. All of this will be addressed together with specific recommendations to address exposures. Presenter: Todd Sherpy // Registration Password: shift

October 27 -- Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Working the Timeline & Flowchart: In this session Christy Jones will work you through the Chapter 13 timeline to address actions to take and other considerations to preserve rights and avoid waiving rights; mistakes creditors commonly make; and hints to ensure the highest rate of success in preservation of your position in these time sensitive proceedings. Remember – if you snooze – you lose – so understanding the timeline is critical. Presenter: Christy Jones // Password - lift

October 28 -- Website Compliance, E-Commerce and E-Banking: As many of you have seen firsthand, this has become a priority for NCUA Field Examinations. In this session we will address regulatory guidance, requirements and expectations. We will share incites regarding what you need to address compliance expectations and control liability exposures. Presenter: Todd Sherpy // Password -- shift